Angels with Hammers

Angels With Hammers
Sarah Ann Moseley
Copyright 2010

There’s another storm blowing in tonight and I’m not sure how I’ll get by
“Cause it’s been over ten years now since it’s rained and I’ve kept dry.
There’s a leak in my roof and cracks in my walls
And I used to wonder if God heard me when I called.
There’s something that I learned through all the years
God has a plan to dry all my tears.

God answers prayers in the most mysterious manner
I sure wasn’t looking for Angels with Hammers.

I can’t remember how long it’s been since the last time I’ve felt loved
“Cause no one wants to come and visit when you share a house with the bugs
I do the best I can every single day
And each night I fall down to my knees and pray.
I pray for help to come in and outside.
Never stop believing that the Lord will provide.

It’s been years now that I’ve had to wait
But God has answered my prayers with angels covered in paint.

Turn on my news at night to a world filled with hate.
Wanna do something but what difference can I make
Painting one house doesn’t seem like much to me
But God’s got a bigger plan that I have yet to see
I set out to help someone and it went the other way around.
Amazing Grace I once was lost but now I’m found.

God teaches you things in ways unknown
See He sent me an angel in a broken home.

God answers prayers in the most mysterious manner
No one out there is looking for Angels with Hammers.