Salkehatchie Steering Committee Meeting 01- 24 – 2015

                Salkehatchie Steering Committee Meeting        

                                    January 24, 2015

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Jo Hood.

A devotion was given by Kathy Hart concerning the changes that take place to make us homeless or in need of assistance. It is through God’s guidance we can see the changes. At Salkehatchie we become the Hands of Feet of God and can make changes for others.

Jo Hood then introduced our new officers: Susan Caskey as the Community Support Coordinator and Jimmy Whitesell as the new Camp Development Coordinator. She also introduced Stuart Andrews as the attorney working for us to review our risk management.

A motion was made and approved allocating $5,000 for scholarships in 2015 for campers.

We will have our next meeting at Windsor United Methodist Church on November 7, 2015.

Each Camp will be given $215 for each camper in 2015.

Please remember to vote on the color of the T-shirts.

Elections were held and Kathy Hart was elected Chairperson of the Steering Committee with Amy Ray elected Vice Chairperson. All other officers and members of the Executive committee were re-elected.

The minutes of the meeting of November 8, 2014 were presented and approved.

Ken Moore presented the financial report. For the year 2014 we had 3460 campers. We had $343,570 in donations and a total budget of $1,030,105.

Jimmy Whitesell presented the Camps for 2015 with Emerald City being the new one. A motion was passed to accept all camps.

Weston Catron presented our new online registration for 2015. It will be through the website and each director will have control of their campers.

Bill Brown presented a review of Safe Sanctuary and stated we will have an online course in the future. Safety must be stressed at each camp and the rules must be followed. We want to have a Safety Leader at each work site and it should not be the Site Leader.

Stuart Andrews, our attorney, then presented the work he had been doing on the risk analysis. We have to make it safer and all documents have been reviewed. Most information will be done online and kept there except for the releases. The releases must be read then printed and signed. They will be signed and sent to the Camp Director. These forms have new sections concerning parents’ permission for their youth to do certain work. This must be reviewed by all site leaders. The releases will be returned to the Conference after camp.

John Culp praised the group for all the work and closed us with a prayer.